From conception to completion, California Pools & Landscape are your top choice pool builders when it comes to superior quality pools. They will always be there to guide and advise you every step of the way.

Their expertise, knowledge, and commitment mean that every pool is a unique statement of its particular owner. You might need to get a regular maintenance service for your pool, keep your children happy, or just your utopia. Regardless of your reasons, you can rest assured that their knowledge and dedication mean that your pool will be unique.

Why Choose California Pools & Landscape? Apart from being a BBB’s Ethic’s award winner, they pride themselves on meeting and surpassing their customers’ expectations. Besides demonstrating total commitment to their customers, the company also believes that to offer the best level of products & services to their clients, they need to allow an encouraging work environment for their staff.

Commercial Pools

There are two primary requirements when it comes to school, hotel, leisure, or hydrotherapy pools. First, they must be attractive. Second, they must have a durable structure and the equipment uniquely designed to withstand the heaviest bathing loads.

That is why a high level of technology is required with commercial pool installations. The entire process involves filtration, water features, heat recovery systems for optimum operating efficiency, advanced disinfection design, air handling systems, and wave machines. You need to call a professional pool builder for such a service.

Fortunately, California Pools & Landscape can provide with you an all-inclusive environmental control package. Typically, this includes pool hall air cooling & heating, humidity control, energy recovery, fresh air ventilation, pool water heating, and air quality regulation allowing ideal conditions. With a wide variety of finishes in today’s market, commercial pools have never looked so appealing.

Domestic Pools

Well, luxury has never looked this good! Is there a better way you can furnish your outdoor space than with an exciting and innovative swimming pool? California Pools & Landscape strongly believe in the idea that nature’s beauty is always beyond improvement. However, they do understand that with the addition of your swimming pool, you’re only making your great outdoors even greater.

Since there is an ever-increasing range of amazing pool finishes, you’re no longer limited to a blue hole in the ground. Pay much attention to detail, the modern design, as well as the latest technology, and there you have an area that you can enjoy the long, relaxed summer days and nights with your family and friends.

The Wow-factor

Sometimes, people ask pool builders to design and construct an infinity pool. That is when “no boundaries” come into perspective since their imagination for innovation has no bounds, and the outcome should be appealing to that client.

These pools are becoming trendier every day, and if you have ever had the pleasure of swimming in one, then you will understand why. In case you would want to find out more regarding the suitableness of an infinity pool in your garden, call now. We also deal with exceptional quality, durable, European-made, pre-formed pools.

Choosing California Pools & Landscape

In general, California Pools & Landscape designs and builds swimming pools for commercial, domestic, and school clients across the Southwest area. Their award-winning service has been keenly developed over the past 32 years to ensure they create the best quality pools to their clients’ specific expectations.

Typically, they carry out a comprehensive site survey and talk to you about all your desires for your swimming pool installation before any work starts. Your pool builder will then provide you with detailed plans. These include everything from pool shape and size to lighting and depth, as well as any unique features and enclosures of your choice.

The pool construction process is often exacting and thorough. Once you hire California Pools & Landscape, they’ll mark out, dig, create, and insulate your swimming pool before they reinforce its foundation with steel and afterward filling it using spray concrete. They will then offer the finished shell with render before tiling, landscaping the area surrounding your pool, incorporating any details, and fitting your particular cover.

Whether it is good-looking tiles and illuminations, or amazing structures that usually enclose your outdoor pool, California Pools & Landscape will offer all elements to your particular standards and ensure that you approve of everything.