eJuice also known as eLiquid is the content which fuels Electronic Cigarettes or for personal vaporizers. This liquid contains the flavoring and nicotine solution for an eCigarette and produces the vapor that the individual exhales which mimics traditional smoke from tobacco.

Bulk e-Liquid or e-Juice from a reputable supplier provides a way for individuals all they will need to develop and create their businesses. The bulk e-liquid is available in 250ml, 500ml, and 1,000ml bottles. The offers for bulk e-liquid features delicious and amazing flavors in a convenient and easy to use bulk size.

Buy In Bulk And Spend Less

One of the main reasons to purchase e-juice bulk would be to save on costs for the end purchase. Some of the options available include:

•Nicotine strength starting from the highest concentration of 36mg all the way down to 0mg.

•Blends that include 30% VG – 70% PG, 50% VG – 50%PG and 70% VG- 30%PG.

•There are custom flavors that include around 100 prepared combinations and flavors to choose.

•House brand, brand-free and private label labeled bottles.

•Pure Nicotine and 100% options available.

It is always advisable to choose from an e-Juice bulk supplier that uses food grade FDA approved ingredients. The quality bulk e-liquid are mixed to provide handmade and Diacetyl free products in Canada and the USA.

What Is Inside eLiquid?

The factories that produce this product make use of base ingredients to arrive at even flavors. The bases can include VG (Vegetable Glycerin), PG (Propylene Glycol) or a combination of both.

Propylene Glycol

PG is a base known as nontoxic and used as a flavor provider for food, an additive in various medicines and as a colorant.

Vegetable Glycerin

VG is a vegetable, thick and sweet based liquid.
Reputable suppliers of bulk e-liquid use 100% natural ingredients of a premium quality handmade in either the US or Canada and not China. These suppliers offer various flavors and a variety of nicotine-strengths. Every ingredient used is FDA accredited, and they make use of superior control standards to make sure only the best in quality flavoring ingredients are used.

Premium Bulk e-Liquid Bulk

The premium based e-liquids are all made from non-toxic and high-quality ingredients. Regular e-Liquids may be a cheaper option but in many cases contain chemicals that may contain the following which is regarded as toxic if they are inhaled:


Is an ingredient used to flavor fragrances and baked goods? It is also found in various fruits and is often used in regular e-liquid additives. However, this particular ingredient has the potential to react in a harmful way with any other chemicals, especially Diacetyl. Reputable suppliers will never include this ingredient or flavorings that are oil-based as they can become harmful once inhaled.


This ingredient is often used to produce buttery flavors and is suggested as a harmful product when inhaled over longer periods of time.

PG VG E-Liquid

Premium bulk e-juice will never contain this ingredient. In fact, the premium based products only offer wonderful flavors as well as a good vapor with every single puff. These suppliers only use the best food-grade ingredients under the strictest standard controls.

Key Components Of eLiquid

The vapor, aroma and the taste are a few qualities that vapers look for. For a few smokers, the more important factors are related to the feeling they obtain when nicotine reaches the back part of the throat when they inhale. Dependent on the flavor and the many strength e-liquids can achieve this sensation.

What Is Vapor Produced From e-Juice Like?

The vapor produced from bulk e-Liquid is very similar to smoke derived from traditional cigarettes. This vapor produces upon exhaling after the person has inhaled from their Electronic Cigarette. The Premium based bulk e-juice always offers thick and consistent vapor that mimics the same sensation one would feel when exhaling smoke from a normal cigarette. For those vapers that enjoy a thick vapor, it is suggested to vape with either a blend containing 100% VG or the 70% VG to the 30% PG. For those in search of stronger flavors, it is suggested to use the higher PG bases.